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Quick Release Hose Clamps(ISO9001/ROHS)

Quick Release Hose Clamps(ISO9001/ROHS) Admin Edit

Min. Order: 2000 Piece/Pieces
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, T/D
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Means of Transport: Ocean, Air, Land
Production Capacity: 1000000PCS PER MONTH
Packing: box
Delivery Date: 30days
Brand Name: KINGSUN Material: Stainless Steel Or Galanized Steel
Usage: Pipe Clamp Standard or Nonstandard: Nonstandard
Certification: ISO9001/ROHS Packaging:: plastic bags as inner package
Export Area: EUROPE USA MOQ:: 2000PCS
product name:Quick Release Hose Clamp

AS13QSeries: Band and housing: 13mm wide,quick engagement design. Screw: hex-head.
AISI 300 series stainless steel.
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Category: Quick release hose clamps
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Quick Release Hose Clamp

Quick Release Hose Clamp

MainProducts Outline:
1British hose clamps: band thickness isusually about 1 mm, double the thickness of other hose clamps. So the bandtension is very strong. Widely used in larger pressure occasions. With out toothtraces at inner ring of the band can protect the soft surfaceof hoses.
2German hose clamps: the unique sidepressing design, and non-perforated design can effectively prevent the softsurface of the silicone tube and hose from damage.
3.American hoseclamps: with band threadthrough-hole, and teeth of the screw fitted in, they have more powerful locking.and accurate Occlusal. Also,american hose clamps can be used in non-circularobjects, they can bundle the square columnar objects, such as flue, electricvehicle batteries,etc.
4.T bolt hose clamps:similar to theirbrothers ---- the single-head solid strong clamps, both of them belong to thepowerful hose clamps , which also called European clamps. The common bandwidth20MM, 24MM, 26MM,etc., have a larger Strong torque. Widely used in places withstrong fastening force requirements.
5.Vband hose clamps: traditional flangereplacing products. beautiful appearance. cheap. fast and easy installation.high strength, good sealing performance. Pipes are connected with highconcentricity. and easy removal. They can be used as an active connection ofround or oval ducts and pipes which require constant maintenance andactivities.
6.U shape pipeclamps:are used for pipefixing on various surfaces and support structures. U tube clamps is suitable forfixed pipeline with oil, water, gas medium in metallurgy, petroleum, chemicals,vehicles, ships, power hydraulic systems. U pipe clamps under stamping, sheetmetal, galvanized surface treatment , taking shape with "U" style,have a uniqueadvantage of damping, silencers, sound absorption, abrasion etc..
7.Spring-loaded T-bolthose clamps: spiral spring designprevents the occurrence of leakage when temperature changes, and have aself-compensation function (constant pressure). Widely used in truck air intake,cooling ventilation systems. T-spring hoops made of high quality stainless steeland thin band material, provide uniform sealing pressure with special bendingprocess ,forming a completely reliable seal. they are dedicated to theenvironment of vibration and large diameters.
8rubber coated hose clamps: with good flexibility,tensile strength, flame retardant, waterproof, anti-aging, anti-static, hightemperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear-resistant, anti-UVperformance.
9.Handle/thumb screw hose clamps: simple and easy touse, without any tools. Handle/thumb screw can be plastic coated ornot.
10quick release hose clamps: mainly used in fastconversion, such as sealing of the air duct, dust channel interface. meetsquickly tied needs to enable work very efficient.

PRODUCT DETAIL 8mm(5/16), 12.7mm(1/2) or 14.2mm(9/16)Stainless Steel Hose Clamp

8mm(5/16), 12.7mm(1/2) or 14.2mm(9/16)Stainless Steel Hose Clamp

PRODUCT DETAIL Quick Release Hose Clamp (14.2 and12.7 mm wide)

Quick Release Hose Clamp (14.2 and12.7 mm wide)

KZ14Q,KF13B,KZ12Q,KF14Q Series
PRODUCT DETAIL Yellow zinc plated carbon steelb Quick Release Hose Clamp(Screw: 5/16" hex-head)

Yellow zinc plated carbon steelb Quick Release Hose Clamp(Screw: 5/16" hex-head)